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Become an Advertiser on

As an Advertiser on you find new customers from just €25 pr. month. is the place, where you find different kinds of services in different areas. We are building up areas rapidly so you get more and more opportunities in your preferred area in different categories.

As a Advertiser you get several benefits:

  • Customer can find you everywhere
  • You Advertiser will be in all languages
  • You can change your add by yourself
  • You can change adresse by yourself
  • You can change pictures and film by yourself
  • Member can rate you place/person
  • Member can put favorite lists
  • Member can right directly to you if you like this.
  • and more as we develop more functions on the site


As an advertiser you will get the opportunity to download marketing material to your own web page, when logged in. Furthermore we will send you material to market your company as well.


Give your staff an add on your profile

By giving a voucher to your staff or associates, you can pay for their appearance on your own profile.

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