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-a serious site for adult users.

On you can find entertainment that will make your night out, business trip or holiday extra special. Being a user of allows you to specifically search and find exactly what you want, among companies within a variety of categories. is a company that continually evolves in tandem with what is happening. regularly gets more and more opportunities. always has a finger on the pulse and Exclusiv.coms’ objective is still to grow and be the best on the market.

All registered users of can choose to be anonymous and all transfers will be referred to as being from AH Media ApS. is owned by AH Media ApS.

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  more – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – has a staff of professional and competent staff that ensure you the very best website! is a website where you decide your options depending on the membership you choose or which profile you choose to buy. Your options are more in line with what the membership or profile you choose. It is solely up to you, have no hidden fees. If you choose a membership at “is no fine print.” You get in other words, what you pay for! You always have the freedom to buy more options or put your membership on hold. For further information on ‘options, please see the “front”. is an innovative company that is constantly evolving in step with what is happening. regularly get more and more opportunities for you. has always finger on the pulse and ‘objective is still to grow and be the best on the market! is not just limited to Danish users, users and profile holders in practically the whole world and growing continues and spreads out in more and more countries. is constantly growing site. strives to be a website that follows YOU. can not be confined within national borders – of course always with respect for local law! offers its users a safe and serious platform where you most likely will find something that matches your wishes! Should you, contrary to expectations not find what you seek, hear we would like from you in the form of a mail – mail adr, see the “contact us”. works on the motto “opportunities rather than limitations” and therefore your input on possible new initiatives to important to us. endeavor to make our choices as many as possible and therefore your input important to us! do not compromise with the quality, but the price! strives to be a user-friendly website at a lower cost / monthly payment than other similar providers! do not have expensive offices payable and include therefore, offer membership to our favorable prices! strives to keep company costs down, so you can get ALL what we offer at a cheaper price than many other similar websites. is a cornucopia of options, whether you want to be social IRL or on the chat. to date a wealth of opportunities and seeking still more! want to meet our users’ wants and needs in the best way and that is exactly why not a website that lets itself settle. is an innovative website, with multiple angles and many options! has its finger on the pulse for YOU! All you need to do is a few mouse clicks and you’re going.

Below (on the next page) has ‘competent and professional team of employees, selected some of the many benefits that choosing just as your website:

  • is the guide / app you can not do without if you want an easy and quick overview of what is opportunities exactly where YOU are.
  • is the guide / app you can not miss if you’re traveling / vacationing and want to see and experience.
  • is the site for those who want ease of use and an accessible website.
  • is for those who want even that was in control of your choices.
  • is for you who want virtually all the options together in one / one website / App.
  • is for people who want to get what you actually pay for – whether you’re profile holder or user.
  • is for those who want flexibility in your membership – it is only YOU who decide what options you want available.

We hope this small selection of’s advantages have given you want to explore our wealth of opportunities!

Your new membership is only a few clicks away! looks forward to welcoming you. is wide-ranging in our audience, as long as you are over 18/21 years. want privacy for all our users and therefore appears all payments on users’ charge cards under AH Media ApS.

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