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XXDark Swinger / Sauna club

    Type Array Size in m2 250 Number of Floors 1 Parking Membership Required Changing Rooms Yes Bathing facilities Yes Number of Discos Number of Bars 1 Smoking Dedicated spaces Safe Sex Bi-sex Allowed Yes Free Condoms Yes Free Lubricant Accomodation WIFI Food Array Number of Spas Number of Swimmingpools Number of Steambaths Outdoor Areas No Number of Outdoor spas Number of Outdoor swimmingpools Number of Movie rooms 1 Number of Saunas Number of Massagerooms Number of SM rooms 1 Number of Couples room Number of Common rooms 5 Number of Private rooms 3 Number of Private rooms with gloryholes 1 Number of Love swings Number of Gynecologist chairs 1 Number of Stripper poles 1 Number of Glory holes 10 Number of Dark rooms 2 Own toy allowed No Added Jul 4, 2018 Location København Views 982 Rating
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    XXDark is in addition to the sex clubs found in Copenhagen.

    We are a place where the boundaries flowing, a place where you can come as trans,

    a place where bi-sex is ok, bathing man to man and woman to woman.

    XXDark is made as a hardcore sex club in Copenhagen, where there will always be a surplus of men, then you are / I for once-bang, there is ample opportunity for this.

    If you / i want help to arrange a set-up (eg. Gb, bukkake, rape, movies, sybian, domination, orgy mm) Please contact Club,

    we have plenty of experience in helping guests to live out their fantasies, and we have a lot of competent people on hand

    As the name suggests is rather black and dark. Here you will find no draped curtains or sly decorations, as in a normal swinger club.

    We are a place that is about sex, not decor.

    Here is plenty of room with screens which run movies. Here is S / M room sex machine (the famous sybian from USA), and gynecologist rent.

    Several rooms with glory holes, some with mattresses so there can slamming the while sucking (or one can be many suttere), others are small and only room for a single sucks.

    We have also private booths if you want to be alone.

    The club runs on a voluntary unpaid basis. This means that the hosts and the host to the inside / I of the received, whether active users of the club. They help in the club of interest in helping to run the place and create a safe and cheeky atmosphere as possible.

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    Godsbanegade 20, 1722 København, Danmark
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